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Sweet Unit_No.3
Original Sold ($760)
Relive You
Erin Armstrong
Original Sold ($4,110)
Green Like Money, Like A Boss
Angie Jones
Losing Myself
Cindy Press
Original Sold ($545)
Carlos Martín
Original Sold ($1,040)
Inclinata resurgit
Marco Battaglini
Kate Moss
Neal Turner
A Pomelo and Three Pears
Yeachin Tsai
Original available at $1,600
Portrait 36: Kandinsky.
Roberto Voorbij
Let Them Eat Cake
Annie Terrazzo
Original Sold ($1,500)
Porsche 911 R
Neal Turner
Matthew Rose
Original Sold ($670)
best friend
Patricia Derks
Balloon Dog II
VeeBee VeeBee
Vitalii Kotiash
Audrey Hepburn Silver
VeeBee VeeBee
winter time
Patricia Derks
Giant donut in Inglewood
Fabio Coruzzi
Original Sold ($360)
Dariusz Labuzek
Original available at $3,470
all these things no. 3
Mark Horst
Original available at $2,770
It's a sin to be tired
Michiel Folkers
Original Sold ($1,390)
Gold Series I
Anna Matykiewicz
Original Sold ($380)
gonna be a bright sunshinny day... no. 3
Mark Horst
Original Sold ($545)
Sweet Unit No.4
Original available at $620
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Limited Edition Pop Art Prints

Limited by Saatchi Art is a new way to buy curated, ready-to-hang limited edition prints that allow you to tell a story that is uniquely yours. Discover pop-art prints featuring celebrities, everyday household items, animals, geometric shapes, and more by some of the world's most exciting emerging artists. Whether you are moving into your first home or updating your décor for a stylish modern look, limited edition pop art prints are sure to set your space apart.
Born in the fifties, pop art was a movement that served as the antithesis of fine art with the use of imagery from popular culture. Arguably, Roy Lichtenstein’s works gained the most notoriety with whimsical works inspired by comic books. Other famed pop art artist include: Eduardo Paolozzi, Jasper Johns, and Andy Warhol. On Limited, you’ll find several artists who draw inspiration from these masters, including Campbell La Pun, Kelly Puissegur, VeeBee VeeBee, and Roberto Voorbij.  
To incorporate limited edition pop art  prints into your space, consider creating a themed gallery wall of framed, ready-to-hang prints. Check out our Word Art and Gift Guide collections for gallery wall ideas.