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Limited Edition Portrait Prints

Limited by Saatchi Art is a new way to buy curated, ready-to-hang limited edition prints that allow you to tell a story that is uniquely yours. Discover portrait prints by some of the world's most exciting emerging artists. Whether you are moving into your first home or updating your décor for a stylish modern look, limited edition portrait prints are sure to set your space apart.
From the narrative portraits of Frida Kahlo, to the ubiquitous pop-art screen prints from Warhol, artist have been making portraits the subject of their works across generations and continents, and in a variety of mediums. On Limited, you’ll find several artists who draw inspiration from these masters, including Lisa Krannichfeld, Mario Henrique, Kim Byungkwan, and Sara Riches.
To incorporate limited edition portrait prints into your space, consider creating a themed gallery wall of framed, ready-to-hang prints. Check out this curated collection of Statement Portraits for gallery wall ideas.